Nandan's Experiments With Shoes

It all started with a Wednesday meditation night that Madhu and I were hosting in Bombay.  As we all shared our “aha moments” in the second hour, there was silent contributor in the room — Nandan.  It was his first time and not knowing what to share, he gently says, “I don’t know how appropriate this is for the circle of sharing, but for the last few months, I’ve been donating slippers to the needy.”

Everyday Nandan would see barefoot beggars on the streets, and he would give them ‘chappals’; if it wasn’t the right size, he would take them to the store to gift them a pair that worked.   As Nandan is describing his experienced, he focused more on how he was moved by it instead of the act itself or even the need.

By the end of it, we were all just floored.  Shocked, to be honest.  How many such incredible, untold stories must lurk amidst our midst?

The following Wednesday, Nandan couldn’t make it — but his sister did.   Quite naturally, we spoke about how amazing and thoughtful it was of Nandan to be doing something like this.  Much to our surprise, his own sister was shocked.  Nandan had never even told anyone in the family that he was doing something like this!  He was truly an anonymous warrior.

Click here for complete article (By Somik Raha)


Learnings from Riverside

Pic: Nikita (in center) with Jyotsna and students of Lok Darshan

“How to tell a good story ?” Nikita asked when we first met at Seva Cafe. I had no direct answers however I believed, a story emerges itself when we are truly connected. Kiran Sethi , founder of Riverside School in Ahmedabad recommended Nikita to spend a week with us and learn about filmmaking or more of power of storytelling. Thus began a beautiful one week where Nikita who is also a teacher at Riverside became a student and by doing that she taught us so much more than we could have given her. We were infected with her contagious enthusiasm, which is quite common in everyone from Kiran to all the teachers and students of Riverside. We were inspired by her willingness to learn so that she could go back and share with her students who she lovingly called her ‘Bachchas’ (children). Her beautiful spirit and love unfolded a new story for us in MAM.

Here’s few lines from a poem she wrote:

My experience with Movie Makers at MAM,
was so very ‘Khaas’ and not at all ‘AAM’.

Production head over here is Kunal,
an energetic young guy – “Kya du uski misaal?”

Got to learn ideating, script writing and editing from him,
He was always there to help his team.

Saw Jyotsana in action with her kids,
a passionate teacher, who understands their needs.

Her desire to make difference humbled me,
in her own way, she is giving back to the community.

Maadhu shared how each story has it’s soul,
For Zen Film Making, a strong story line is the goal.

Different story lines are going on in my mind,
This experience at MAM was one of it’s kind.

Desire to learn and make difference in lives,
Is what my heart now strives.

The Joy of Giving Week 2009

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Joy of Giving Week <>
Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:04 PM
Subject: The Joy of Giving Week 2009

Greetings from the Joy of Giving Week Team. We have attached the final
Press Release and the article published by the Times if India. The
collective effort everyone put in has had a tremendous impact in Year

The dates for the 2nd edition of the Joy of Giving Week in 2010 are
September 26 to October 2, 2010. We hope that you plan larger events
and also excite friends, relatives, colleagues, etc to be a part of
this years Joy of Giving Week.



MAM Updates [December 2009]

Here’s regular MAM updates, would love to hear about your journey as well. So keep us all posted.

* Festival: Preparation for I am the change festival which has been finalized on 12-13th Jan in IIM Ahmedabad is on full swing. Many delegates from various specializations would be coming together to share their ideas and take workshops on using media for social change. Films from Genesis film project and I am the change film project will be shown. This grass-root conclave is open for all, would love to see you all there :)
* Seva Journal Project: 3 films are under post production. Latest film to be completed is on Manthan Awards, a great initiative by Digital Empowerment Foundation which brings together organizations using Digital Media. View film

* Lok Darshan: Knowing that every life has a story we started a regular storytelling / film workshop for the children living on streets in the midst of biggest slums of Ahmedabad. Learning so much from them.
* Internship: Kshama just finished her one month Internship. Read her beautiful poem and experience here. If you would like to apply for internship please click here.

* New Team Member: Two years back a very enthusiastic, just fresh out of college, Kunal had joined MAM as an intern. Now as we settle in Ahmedabad, life brings him back to us as a full time member. A walking yellow pages as we lovingly call him because he has contacts and solutions for every little problem. His contagious energy brings a fresh perspective in our little world.

* Misc News

  1. As our new year resolution a bunch of friends decided to donate our body organs. Felt little awkward in beginning but now more we think about it the more it excites us. It is possible for a single donor to donate organs and tissues that may help as many as 50 recipients. For more information or to join click here.
  2. Digital Academy Film School is also supporting 3 PSA ideas on Organ Donation and will give their production equipment to 3 filmmakers. more info
  3. We are proud to have a new board members team for MAM, they are the people who we admire, love and respect. Few more to be added soon.  Check out their profile
And ending with a beautiful Quote : One day Sun wanted to take a day off so he asks stars and moon to replace him, but none was ready to take the responsibility. Then the little lamp steps in and says to the sun ” I may not be able to light the entire world like you but I can promise to bring light wherever I am.”
Thankyou again all of you, visible and invisible, for walking together.
In the spirit of being a lamp

Madhusudan :)

MAM Team

Filmmaking opportunity

Dreaming of making a film!!!!
We know dreams come true

If you are a director wanting to make a film, this is an opportunity for you. Digital Academy – Mumbai has come forward to support 3 ideas for a 1 minute PSA (Public Service Advertisement) on organ donation.
Organ donation is a wonderful legacy we can leave behind. Donating our organs after we are gone is the closest we can come to giving life to another individual. It is possible for a single donor to donate organs and tissues that may help as many as 50 recipients.

Digital Academy will offer HD camera, high end technical post production facilities and a dedicated team to make your dream come true. So come forward and make your ideas come true.

Selected ideas will be announced at MAM Movie’s ‘I am the change film festival’ on 12th and 13th January 2010 at IIM Ahmedabad. For more details about the film festival visit

Submit your ideas to Last date for idea submission is 10th January 2010.

PS. To know more and donate your organs check

Rohan: The Blissful Saint

I have never met anyone like Rohan. He is blind, deaf and mute. He has lost both his parents. He lives on the streets. He survives on whatever is fed to him. He does not get clean drinking water, let alone clean baths. On top of that, he gets severely bitten by an animal. I do not know anyone facing similar challenges. But here’s the clincher. He is the happiest kid I have ever met. He is always smiling. He inspires me! His joy seems to blossom from such a deep space inside him that it seems to light up his entire being. Some say that he might be mentally challenged and that is why he is so happy. Maybe. Or maybe he is some kind of a ‘Blissful Saint.’

Story of Rohan by Nirali Shah. Click here