Thinking Big, Living Small

It’s been over 3 years, since MAM was formed. Its interesting to see how naturally our progression in terms of team-size has lowered (as opposed to increasing). It wasn’t a conscious effort to scale down. Neither was it the case that people weren’t interested. But we just came across people for a reason, and a season … creating a lifetime of experience and learning!

In 2006-07 (the year we were born), we had over 15 volunteers. It was a big number, considering we weren’t really sure where we were going. We just had a passion and an understanding (of sorts) of where we’d like to go. By the year 2007-08, we were a super excited team of 6 full time staff, some intermediate financial support and less than 5 volunteers. Great! We were getting into a stronger and a more focused zone. By 2008-09, we were just 6 full-time staff and almost no volunteers. Interestingly by late 2009, we became a 2-person husband-wife army on a bigger change – moving to a new city – Ahmedabad.

Throughout these years, great inspirations, deviators (challengers) and spiritual mentors crossed our paths, sowing seeds in different ways. The way we realized these learnings were with the opportunity that life gave us and tested us on, so that we could remove what was not necessary and refresh what was most important. Struggles became a sort of an anti-virus software :). It cleaned up our mental system. What we realized after our move to Ahmedabad, was that it was all a part of a bigger plan. The plan that lay in front of us now — in our present. As soon as we became a 2-person army, we became less afraid. We realized that we had been driven a lot by fear in the past. Not the fear of following our dreams into the unknown, but the fear to live our dreams authentically and make all a part of who we were. Not all shared the same thought process, or the spirit with which we wanted to move forward. Most important, we weren’t sure whether we were being true to ourselves. Fear was our biggest hindrance. These experiences taught us so many incredible lessons and gave room to so many thoughts that lied dormant in our hearts. We started “thinking without” :) A phrase we started to understand, alas, after a lot of fallings.

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MAM Updates (Nov'09)

We just came back from a very inspiring trip to Vinobaji’s Ashram in Paunar (Maharashtra), and couldn’t help admiring choices people make to discover their life’s purpose. Here’s regular MAM updates, would love to hear about your journey as well. So keep us all posted.

* Seva Journal Project: 5 films are under production. Check the latest film about school principals being trained in rural India through a program by Kaivalya Foundation. A remarkable film by Ridhesh & Ankit group. View film

Metta Media: There are few requests for filmmakers volunteers. please check website for more info. Gratitude to invisible volunteer team for managing the site.

* Lok Darshan: To reach out to the local community and give them a voice we had started Lok Darshan. This week, Jyotsna started a blog for Manav Sadhna and uploaded some pictures and videos.
* Internship: Eric, a film graduate from university of Southern Califronia has joined as a volunteer and has been very efficient in teaching editing to our video coordinators.
* Festival: Preparation for I am the change festival which has been finalized on 12-13th Jan in IIM Ahmedabad is on full swing. Would love to have your participation. email us for more info.
* News :

  1. Harish Iyer is running a marathon to support prevention of child sexual abuse. Support him in his remarkable continuing effort. More
  2. We have been selected as Paragon Fellows, among 100 entrepreneurs and change makers from Asia Pacific. More
This week’s quote: If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea. –Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Thankyou again all of you, visible and invisible, for walking together.
In longing for the endless immensity

MAM Team

MAM Updates (Oct'09)

Dear Members

Four months in Ahmedabad and seems like we belong here for ever.

Here’s latest updates

* Project: Working on Lok Darshan, a video community program, initially started by Rahul and Asha in the slums of Ahmedabad, was a very effective communication medium.  We are trying to restarts it within a month.

* New Team Member: All the peer and society pressure couldn’t keep Jyotsna from following her dream of being a teacher and working with children from slums. Our very first video coordinator in Ahmedabad, Jyotsna is truly a gem.

* Volunteer Team: We always believed in power of one, a new invisible team in making, we are thankful to Harish, Chintan, Vaibhav, Akshay & Charvee for joining in.

* Film workshop: A one month workshop is starting this saturday to empower Manav Sadhna co-ordinator with multimedia skills. This workshop will be conducted every month with a new batch and is open to all.

* Internship: After Biney and Pari finished their 3 month internship, we now have Shama, a masters student in development communication for a month.

* Festival: I am the change festival has been finalized on 12-13th Jan and we’ll be announcing it this sunday to all.

* Some wonderful News :

  1. Divya’s short film has been selected for an international film festival.Divya’s story is a affirmation of how dreams come true with faith and love. Her belief in something bigger than herself made her quit a corporate job and start independent filmmaking. In a very short time she challenged her self and proved dreams do manifest.  Watch and support her film &  Read more about her journey .
  2. After Partho Bhaumick ( our every day hero who teaches photography to blind) Ridhesh Sejpal too got selected for prestigious Karmveer Puruskaar. Ridhesh with his incredible team have been producing some great films on social causes. He gives us hope that youth with right direction can bring radical change through media. Check out his award winning film Advitiya.

Ending with a quote: Be like a postage stamp, stick till you reach there :)

Thankyou again all of you, visible and invisible, for walking together.

In free spirit.
Madhusudan :)