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Recently as part of our Seva Journals program we had the opportunity to make 49 films on various social entrepreneurs from all over India. Here’s more information on Sankalp Forum which was organized by Intellecap to bring together these entrepreneurs with venture capitalists.

You can also see the short films on selected entrepreneurs here.

Sankalp (English: Pledge or Determination) is conceived as a South Asia Social Enterprise and Investment Forum with the primary goal of bringing together various stakeholders sharing a common conviction that capital should be invested to create multiple bottom-line returns (financial, social and environmental) and not exclusively financial (profit-maximizing) or social (philanthropic) returns.

Sankalp 2009 is an effort to discover, connect and support the most investible social MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium enterprises) operating in high impact sectors such as:


Film on P.T Usha


Here’s the complete article from DNA:

Tracking Usha

Sprint queen, PT USHA, turns actor with her new documentary film. By: Sujata Chakrabarti (

with the help of Mumbai-based documentary filmmakers, Rahul Chittella and Vishal Gupta from MAM Movies, an organisation that makes social films using the media as a tool for social change, PT Usha will be seen in a 10 minute documentary in which she and her 16 students will speak openly about their plans of making it big in the forthcoming Olympic Games to be held in London.
Rahul, who interacted with Usha for a week at her academy in Kinaloor in Kerala says, “Usha might have hung up her racing shoes in 2002. But since then, she is exploring other avenues to take her cause forward.” Talking about the paucity of funds that has hit her hard, Rahul adds, “Through this film, Usha wants to reach out to corporates and private donors for contribution to her cause.”
Speaking about her acting prowess, Rahul says he was quite amazed by her performance in the movie., especially by her ability to deliever her dialogues in one single take.
About her experiences of filming the video Usha says, “It was for a cause closest to my heart. Today there is no reason why India should not be winning more medals at international events.”
The short film is all ready for its official launch in mid-February, when Usha herself will be touring with her film. While MAM Movies will be using their official contacts to approach corporate companies for funds, the filmmakers will also be approaching television channels and distributing the film on the internet. According to Usha, many NRIs who recently attended the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas at Chennai have already pledged their support to the cause.
Apart from developing the business model for the documentary film, IIM Kozhikode is also collaborating with Usha to screen the movie for every corporate company that comes for placements to the premier management institute this year.


RangDe.Org Film from rahulchittella on Vimeo.
So they say that you can help the poor by giving charity! And some replied back to them by asking a simple question – “Really?”

We got an invitation from Smita to make a film for RangDe.Org earlier last month. When Madhu forwarded me the email, which he is perfect at, I went through their website and was completely left awestruck!
I vaguely knew about Dr. Mohd. Yunus’s works but seeing the virus spread across the country surely gets a smile on your face! What followed next were a few chain of regular emails to know more on what kind of a film they were looking at and then finally on the 3rd of September, I reached Chennai, to shoot the fim for them myself!

The next three days were undoubtedly the hours that changed me, slightly! Meeting these 2 people who are so passionate about trying and changing the face of our country was something I will always treasure. I’ve heard of people talking about development, I’ve seen films being made on people who work towards development…and then, there I was making a film ON the people who are developing the country! Normally, as filmmakers for organizations, it is very simple to shoot in a regular format of interviews, inter-cuts, and then finally edit it out. But, I know in this case, its something more. When you have a connection made, its hard to let go of the fact that you want to make the cord stronger! That’s it – I knew I was here to be a part of RangDe‘s lives for 3 days…and in the process, I knew for myself that I had to showcase this and get it out to the world in the best way that I could.

So there was Ram, (the Madhu of RangDe), Smita, (the Meghna of RangDe), and Nikhil (the soft-spoken moneybag), and Gnan (the ever-excited full of energy member). We went completely out of the schedule that was earlier decided over the emails and if you ask me – that was THE best part! I keep telling everybody that there are NO rules to anything in this universe…in creativity, for sure! Ram decided to go to Vandavasi the next day and I thank God for giving him the idea for the same! Vandavasi was a recreation of “Swades” to me. Meeting Bhoopalan, I felt a sense of an unexplainable emotion. Here is a guy who works hard, creates beautiful artifacts, and yet lives simply. And, here we are in the cities, who feel we know it all and are the best, but from within are yet to complete the circle. That changed me, I’d say.

I keep saying that we’re all beautiful from within. We’re all seeking to reach the completion and it takes time to do that. But, a few are really lucky to have realized that are are truly “living”. That is what people like Bhoopalan, Lakshmi, Usha, Pushpa and a whole lot of others are doing. And, what’s better and more inspiring is that RangDe is helping them “live” that life.

I believe in following with your intuitions. I’m glad that its helping me today. When I asked Smita, how Mumbai could help out in the entire process, she simply smiled and said ask them to log on to and they’re meant to be a part of it, they will.

As, I need to rush to the edits of the film, I just remember what Bhoopalan said in the film, “Loans, money and support is one factor but the only thing that’ll make one happy and content is hard-work”…I guess, RangDe.Org knows that way too well as they share the colors of joy…:)

Btw, you can check out the film on

A Look at Nonprofits and Vlogging

“I’m of the view that, while it may seem tough for nonprofits to fit video production into their mix of activities, as media making skills in our society become more widespread, and the competition starts using video (and yes,there is competition in the nonprofit arena), most nonprofits will use web video in some way. It’s just too useful and easy to make not to become widespread. It will take awhile, but it’s coming sooner than you might think. “: J Goldstein

Click here to read the complete article on how non profits can use internet and video blogging.