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If you are a director wanting to make a film, this is an opportunity for you. Digital Academy – Mumbai has come forward to support 3 ideas for a 1 minute PSA (Public Service Advertisement) on organ donation.
Organ donation is a wonderful legacy we can leave behind. Donating our organs after we are gone is the closest we can come to giving life to another individual. It is possible for a single donor to donate organs and tissues that may help as many as 50 recipients.

Digital Academy will offer HD camera, high end technical post production facilities and a dedicated team to make your dream come true. So come forward and make your ideas come true.

Selected ideas will be announced at MAM Movie’s ‘I am the change film festival’ on 12th and 13th January 2010 at IIM Ahmedabad. For more details about the film festival visit

Submit your ideas to Last date for idea submission is 10th January 2010.

PS. To know more and donate your organs check

I am the change film festival in IIM Ahmedabad


‘I am the change film project’, a 101 hour film challenge has now evolved from being a competition to sharing, from a project to a process and through this change we believe transformation is inevitable.

From a computer engineer who distributes footwear to needy to a grandfather who gives food to ants, I am the change film project celebrates stories of everyday heroes who through their selfless service reflect hope, love and compassion. Filmmakers, amateurs , students and everyone is invited to capture these stories through camera in just 101 hours. Participants can choose to make a film on an everyday hero, NGO or a pertaining social cause. In last two years more than 500 filmmakers have participated and made a difference. Best films will be screened at a two day annual film festival in IIM Ahmadabad, in association with “Dream Big festival”.


    The shooting event would take place on 1st – 5th of every month.

    At the start of the event, on 8 am on 1st, Filmmakers will receive an email with complete information about the Changemaker they have to make a film on.

    Filmmakers will then have the next 101 hours (i.e. uptill 1 pm on 5th) to finish the film and upload it on Metta Media.

    All the finished films will be freely open sourced and shared with various international film festivals, colleges, organizations and in an annual film festival.

    For more info please visit:, or contact us at

'I am the change film festival' in IIM Ahmedabad

‘I am the change film project’ is proud to associate with IIM A (Social Entrepreneurship Cell, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) for showcasing it’s 101 films on changemakers as part of an annual film festival, held in second week of January 2010.  Recognizing and respecting the effort of each filmmaker who is participating in ‘I am the change film project’, we will show all the completed films. The festival will also act as an inspirational hub where filmmakers will interact with audience to share and celebrate stories of numerous invisible everyday heroes who have dedicated their lives for service.

To participate, filmmakers can register here. We are accepting applications.

In the joy of making a difference through making films.

MAM Movies Team

I am the change film project


A student who distributes books to Atm guards, a auto rickshaw guy who runs a free library for his passengers, a Computer engineer who distributes slippers, a cobbler who gives food to ants…
These are some of everyday heroes who are making a difference by small acts of kindness.

We invite new, amateur and professional filmmakers to come together and share their stories through short film. Participate in ” I am the change film project 09′

Competition : 1st – 4th October

Submission deadline: 10th September

Make a film, make a difference

for more info :

What's your gift ? project


The ‘What’s Your Gift? Project’ started by an everyday hero Chintan Modi is based on a deep conviction that each one of us has gifts to offer, and that it is the sharing of these gifts in a spirit of service that can well become an organizing principle for the way we live. This project is a humble effort to look for, document and share the stories of those beautiful people who’ve recognized their gifts and are using them generously for the benefit of others. This project will lead into an e-book that would be freely shared as a gift.

Supporting this project further we are making short films on them through, I am the change film project, where 101 filmmakers make films on 101 social causes in 101 hours. This challenge will take place during ‘Joy of giving week’, where entire India will be celebrating kindness in action. We need your help in spreading these ripples. Here’s how you can participate:

• Filmmakers: Register for ‘I am the change film project’
• Writers: write a brief story on a everyday hero and send it to us.
• Kind souls: Do small act of kindness during joy of giving week.

Contribute / volunteer to any of the above causes through your own gift to make this initiative a beautiful experience.

For more information
What’s your gift project:
I am the change film project:
Joy of giving week :

Few stories of everyday heroes:

* A musician who takes people on trips to Ladakh and Kashmir — trips that are less touristy, and more of an exploration into how our lifestyle choices impact the earth in hazardous ways, because of our callous preference for convenience and comfort over the health of the universe that sustains us in the first place

* A social psychologist who devotes much of her time to connecting people that might be able to benefit, support and learn from each other.

* A professional photographer who takes out time to teach photography to the blind.

* A college student who buys footwear for those who have none from his own pocket money.