Heritage Film Festival 2013 in Ahmedabad (a project by aadhar)

From: HeritageFilmFesitval aadhar <film.aadhar>

Date: Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 9:10 AM

A request to float this msg that the Festival is looking for VOLUNTEERS who can help us Video Document the event (all 7 days) and secondly one person who can help us operate our computer system during the screening.

Below is the Email Invite to share it with your friends and family!


INVITATION – The Heritage Film Festival 2013

”Celebration India’s Heritage through Films”


A request to share this information with other interested individuals & organisations.






Video for Happy Feet Home

I write to you for help with making a video for Happy Feet Home (HFH). HFH is going to be India’s first children’s hospice. We need to create a video which is short and crisp, happy as well as moving and tells people about the cause while compelling them to donate money for the cause.

Can you please help us by connecting us with a few people you think are brilliant with their work? Please connect us with a videographer who is very very good at his work. I am pressing on very good videographer because we need to raise a big amount of money and a good video will be instrumental in getting us that amount.

Also, attaching the concept note of HFH with this email.


Concept Note.pdf

New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters 2013-2014, Call for Applications, 1 Oct -15 Dec, 2013

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Asia Society


Asia Society India Centre announces the launch of thesecond edition of New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters (NVFS) 2013 – 2014, a programme to identify, encourage and support a group of six talented independent screenwriters to develop their feature film scripts by working in a dynamic and innovative environment with guidance from eminent filmmakers and screenwriters. We seek to build an artistic community that reflects the diversity of contemporary Indian writing, providing screenwriters a platform to develop powerful, nuanced and well-crafted scripts while exploring new approaches to the art of writing for cinema. We invite writers from across India to submit an original story for consideration between 1 October and 15 December, 2013.


Anjum Rajabali, Dev Benegal, Devika Bhagat, Saket Chaudhary, Uma da Cunha, Jeroo Mulla, Jaideep Sahni, Bunty Chand and Rachel Cooper


Juhi Chaturvedi, Ashwini Malik and Sriram Raghavan

"We are delighted to see NVFS grow and evolve during its second edition, which is made possible by Time Warner Foundation extending its grant for another two years. Coordinated by Asia Society’s offices in New York and India, this fellowship represents Asia Society’s commitment to fostering creativity and nurturing new talent. The first edition successfully saw six emerging screenwriters through a process of writing a feature length script under the guidance of industry professionals. By incorporating insights from the first edition, we hope to provide an enriching, rigorous and thoughtful programme for our second-year fellows.”

– Bunty Chand, Executive Director, Asia Society India Centre

Image above: Mentors and Fellows at the New Voices Fellowship for Screenwriters 2011-12 Workshop

Featured Global Content:

Future of Freedom: The Fight for Women’s Rights in Afghanistan New York, 03/10/2013

Open for Applications:
1 October – 15 December, 2013

For more information and to apply, click here.

For enquiries, write to: fellowship

NVFS has been made possible by a grant from Time Warner Foundation.



"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." Maya Angelou

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7 Days 7 Ways

” Find your truth through whatever you do”, our teachers always say…Here’s few experiments towards that humble effort.”

Monday : Joy of giving
Embracing the wisdom that nothing lasts forever, we try to gift one of our favorite possession to someone random every monday. Doesn’t has to be big, expensive or significant but any simple thing which we cherish and would like for ourselves. Since we started this experiment, we weren’t surprised to realize, we received much more in happiness than we could possibly give.

Tuesday: Soul Force
Remembering Mother Teressa’s words: “We cannot do big things, only small things with great love”, we try to meet and share stories with an invisible local hero who through simple ways serve others.

Wednesday: Silent Meditation
Started in Bay Area (U.S) few years back, wednesday meditations created many inspiring ripples. Observing silence this day, helps us to connect within and around. Keeping the tradition we now host it at our home in Ahmedabad and welcome one and all. Time: 7-9pm

Thursday: Fasting
“Self sacrifice is a biggest sacrifice” Gandhiji would say. This day couple of friends eat just one meal a day and money saved on food is then collected and shared with the poorest of the poor in the community. Effort is to observe non-violence through thought, action and words and thank god for the blessing we have received.

Friday: Lok Darshan
An experiment in connecting with ourselves through the medium of films, this film workshop flows organically with no teachers, just students of life.

Saturday: Inspiring film club
“Every life has a story” we believe. In the sacred space of Seva Cafe we invite everyone to share their stories through films and Art. Time: 3-5 pm, Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad.

Sunday: Do Nothing
Let it go, let it flow… life knows

The Joy of Giving Week 2009

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From: Joy of Giving Week <jgw@giveindia.org>
Date: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 10:04 PM
Subject: The Joy of Giving Week 2009

Greetings from the Joy of Giving Week Team. We have attached the final
Press Release and the article published by the Times if India. The
collective effort everyone put in has had a tremendous impact in Year

The dates for the 2nd edition of the Joy of Giving Week in 2010 are
September 26 to October 2, 2010. We hope that you plan larger events
and also excite friends, relatives, colleagues, etc to be a part of
this years Joy of Giving Week.



I am the change film festival in IIM Ahmedabad


‘I am the change film project’, a 101 hour film challenge has now evolved from being a competition to sharing, from a project to a process and through this change we believe transformation is inevitable.

From a computer engineer who distributes footwear to needy to a grandfather who gives food to ants, I am the change film project celebrates stories of everyday heroes who through their selfless service reflect hope, love and compassion. Filmmakers, amateurs , students and everyone is invited to capture these stories through camera in just 101 hours. Participants can choose to make a film on an everyday hero, NGO or a pertaining social cause. In last two years more than 500 filmmakers have participated and made a difference. Best films will be screened at a two day annual film festival in IIM Ahmadabad, in association with “Dream Big festival”.


    The shooting event would take place on 1st – 5th of every month.

    At the start of the event, on 8 am on 1st, Filmmakers will receive an email with complete information about the Changemaker they have to make a film on.

    Filmmakers will then have the next 101 hours (i.e. uptill 1 pm on 5th) to finish the film and upload it on Metta Media.

    All the finished films will be freely open sourced and shared with various international film festivals, colleges, organizations and in an annual film festival.

    For more info please visit: http://www.mammovies.com, or contact us at info@mammovies.com

The Journey Within (Volunteer's diary 1)

By: Biney Kaul

‘Mam’ in Sanskrit means ‘I am’. It is an effort to realize the self through an odyssey of selfless work. Being a part of Mam made me realize the significance of having few genuine social organizations. I understood the importance of need based work and the relevance of small things in creating a bigger change. My association with many wonderful people made me realize how small microcosmic changes lead to macrocosmic effects. It was a complete bliss to be able to know and even work under the guidance of many Gandhians’s who have devoted their lives for the betterment of others. Compassion and love just flows in and around Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati where I stayed and worked. People here tirelessly strive to find meaning in their own lives by knowing and serving others.
To be a part of the transition of Mam from being a brand name in Mumbai to shifting its complete base to Ahmadabad with the aim of working at the grass root level, with the local communities was in itself a very enriching experience. As I entered the beautiful office in Mumbai seldom I knew that a lifetime experience is waiting ahead. A small talk with Madhu Bhai and Meghna Ben and the ripples of inspiration start flowing. Suddenly it felt as if my mind is led forward towards the greater goal rather than few self centered ones. Since then it has been a roller coaster ride.
Mam movies is a learning journey of experiments which intends to inform, inspire and empower people through the use of social media and video technology to create positive action in the world.

Other than the office work I spend most of my time understanding the working of Manav Sadhna (an organization at Gandhi Ashram).I visited slums, villages, schools in Gujarat to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by a vast majority of the population and realized the importance of new media, social media and communication technology (other than the mainstream) to reach and spread awareness amongst the millions of people.

The following are excerpts of a few incredible experiences I had during my association with Mam.



As the six of us stood there armed with 6 long brooms, 4 containers and a shovel, the site and the nature of work required us to hunt for gloves. While Dhaval and Madhusudan went for the gloves hunt, I stood in front of the Lal Darwaza bus-depot perplexed, pessimistic about the importance and impact of our cleaning activity. My first assault on the muck activated the repugnant smell and numerous flies, and the more I pondered over the utility of such an exercise, the sense of resentment kept growing. More

Inspiring film club:

As I sat there perplexed in my own thoughts and evaluations of the world around, I felt elated to be exposed to something that reaffirms my faith in the goodness in the world and inspiring me to evolve myself in a better way. I impatiently wait for Sundays and  to be able to sit in warm, friendly atmosphere wherein I can see, discuss and get inspired by interesting short films; and what better place than Seva café . The inspiring film club acts as a respite from the overdose of dramatic repetitive plots and time-pass entertainers which sub-consciously infuse a lot of negativity.
Short, powerful, captivating, straight, resourceful, revealing stories from all around the world are refreshing as well as inspiring. During the short introduction and sharing session words come out from the depths of each heart. Every soul wanting to work tirelessly and each mind searching for the answer of its purpose of existence.
Ideas flow, ripples are visible, and interactions strengthen the bonds between people to create an aura of inspiration around.



India- a land of god and goddesses. Over ages we have been praying to the five elements(air,water,fire,earth,space) to be close to nature including stones, rivers, plants, animals. We see God in everything. Tulsi is the sacred plant of Hindus and has a great medicinal value. The idea behind tulsi project is to gift tulsi,interact and express gratitude to those who touch our lives and are usually unnoticed or unappreciated. It gives a reason to thank people, strengthen the bond and pray for their well being.Jayesh bhai, founder of Manav Sadhna wanted to make good use of someone’s donation and thus planned this unique project. He calls it, a way to enter into people’s heart. More