7 Days 7 Ways

” Find your truth through whatever you do”, our teachers always say…Here’s few experiments towards that humble effort.”

Monday : Joy of giving
Embracing the wisdom that nothing lasts forever, we try to gift one of our favorite possession to someone random every monday. Doesn’t has to be big, expensive or significant but any simple thing which we cherish and would like for ourselves. Since we started this experiment, we weren’t surprised to realize, we received much more in happiness than we could possibly give.

Tuesday: Soul Force
Remembering Mother Teressa’s words: “We cannot do big things, only small things with great love”, we try to meet and share stories with an invisible local hero who through simple ways serve others.

Wednesday: Silent Meditation
Started in Bay Area (U.S) few years back, wednesday meditations created many inspiring ripples. Observing silence this day, helps us to connect within and around. Keeping the tradition we now host it at our home in Ahmedabad and welcome one and all. Time: 7-9pm

Thursday: Fasting
“Self sacrifice is a biggest sacrifice” Gandhiji would say. This day couple of friends eat just one meal a day and money saved on food is then collected and shared with the poorest of the poor in the community. Effort is to observe non-violence through thought, action and words and thank god for the blessing we have received.

Friday: Lok Darshan
An experiment in connecting with ourselves through the medium of films, this film workshop flows organically with no teachers, just students of life.

Saturday: Inspiring film club
“Every life has a story” we believe. In the sacred space of Seva Cafe we invite everyone to share their stories through films and Art. Time: 3-5 pm, Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad.

Sunday: Do Nothing
Let it go, let it flow… life knows


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