Rohan: The Blissful Saint

I have never met anyone like Rohan. He is blind, deaf and mute. He has lost both his parents. He lives on the streets. He survives on whatever is fed to him. He does not get clean drinking water, let alone clean baths. On top of that, he gets severely bitten by an animal. I do not know anyone facing similar challenges. But here’s the clincher. He is the happiest kid I have ever met. He is always smiling. He inspires me! His joy seems to blossom from such a deep space inside him that it seems to light up his entire being. Some say that he might be mentally challenged and that is why he is so happy. Maybe. Or maybe he is some kind of a ‘Blissful Saint.’

Story of Rohan by Nirali Shah. Click here


2 thoughts on “Rohan: The Blissful Saint

  1. This movie is really very good. it is showing real fact of life.

    It should be publish everywhere. In local media, news papers etc.

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